Linda Fairstein is a bestselling crime novelist and the former chief prosecutor of the New York County District Attorney's Sex Crimes Unit. Her new novel, Silent Mercy, is in stores next week.

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The beautiful bucolic heart of New York is also home to many famous scenes of murder, rape, and crime. Former prosecutor Linda Fairstein writes about how Central Park inspired her new thriller.

Testing old rape kits could put countless rapists in prison—and exonerate others who were wrongly convicted. Linda Fairstein on the tragedy of letting these truth-tellers collect dust.

On tonight’s Law & Order: SVU, police will discover thousands of unexamined rape kits—a chilling premise that’s not just fiction. Linda Fairstein on how the real backlog could solve countless crimes.

Ever since Gov. Paterson's office became mired in a domestic abuse scandal, they've only dodged and obfuscated. Linda Fairstein asks, are they discouraging other victims from speaking up?

Behind every pervert, including the California man accused of keeping a sex slave for 18 years, there’s invariably a complicit community, writes Linda Fairstein—and an enabling wife.

Singer Chris Brown's surprise plea deal yesterday was harsher than expected, says former sex-crimes prosecutor and bestselling author Linda Fairstein, and the most important component is the message it sends to other domestic abusers.

Former sex-crimes prosecutor and bestselling author Linda Fairstein says Chris Brown remains a serious danger, based on the standards by which experts measure whether a batterer will do it again. How tragic it appears Rihanna may go back to him.