Lizzie Skurnick is the author of Shelf Discovery, a memoir of teen reading. She lives in Jersey City.

One-Click Wonders

50 Shades of Grey may not revolutionize porn, romance, chick-lit, or literature. But this one-click wonder is the future of how we’ll read.

The biggest novel of the fall is experiencing a backlash from critics saying coverage is overblown, but Lizzie Skurnick writes that it’s not Franzen’s fault, and his book has the answers.

Justin Cronin's much-hyped novel, The Passage, is the big book of the summer, but Lizzie Skurnick says it's nothing like those other popular vampire novels—it's actually scary!

Blockbuster memoir Eat, Pray, Love was the ultimate story of a woman finding freedom, so why did Elizabeth Gilbert get married? Lizzie Skurnick on the new marriage problem.

In the new film Up in the Air, Vera Farmiga plays George Clooney like Tiger played one of his mistresses. Lizzie Skurnick on the surprising return of the sexually confident woman.

Talk about awkward: Tiger and Elin’s mothers were both there the night the club flew. Lizzie Skurnick on the mom factor during sex scandals.

Lizzie Skurnick on how the rush of literary fathers gushing about how to raise their perfect children is upending gender stereotypes and ruining childhoods.