Lori-Lee Emshey is a fashion intern at The Daily Beast. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Anthropology and Psychology from University of Toronto and is currently a graduate student in New York University's journalism program.

Hot Fuzz

It’s the adorable alternative to the big game—and it’s gaining steam, with 12.4 million viewers last year. A look behind the scenes at what it takes to be a puppy superstar.

Frosty Fun

And you thought it was cold outside! From ice hotels and wedding chapels to frozen villages, see some of the craziest places completely constructed of ice.

High Tech

Put down that chocolate bar! Researchers at Microsoft may have found the key to helping women curb stress-induced overeating: a new smart bra.

Strike a Pose

Kim Kardashian hangs with Karlie Kloss, Rebecca Minkoff celebrates Friendsgiving, and Cara Delevingne signs a fan’s pecks. Plus, more of this week’s best fashion Instagrams.


The big cities of Australia’s Gold Coast may be tempting, but they’re also crowded. Avoid the same old tourist destinations and try the islands on the Great Barrier Reef instead.

Furry Friends

The Superflat artist's fantastical creatures pose alongside model Angela Lindvall for Harper's Bazaar's December/January issue.