Lydia Brownlow's passion for food began as a child at home, cooking with her mother. This grew into a career spent creating wonderful new canapes for her catering company in London. Now she shares her love of good food and belief in using only the best natural ingredients with her family at home in Hampshire, England.

Guess what works well on the grill? Pizza. Lydia Brownlow’s favorite summer pizza with gorgonzola.

Wondering what to prepare for Valentine’s Day? Lydia Brownlow suggests a delicious and simple meal that will win hearts.

It’s the season of Champagnes, hats, and horse races but what to serve at the perfect racing party? Lydia Brownlow offers up a delicious multi-course feast that will be a winner even if your horse isn’t.

The perfect gift to your mother this Mother’s Day is a homemade treat. Lydia Brownlow says this pecan cake will do the trick.

It may have been a decade of fashion and music disasters but the ‘70s also had some seriously funky food. Lydia Brownlow rediscovers classics like Baked Alaska.

The British are justly famous for their love of dessert, or “pudding.” Lydia Brownlow offers 4 recipes for classic modern sweets like St. Clement's Tart.

Around the world, people feast on the day before Lent begins, but in the U.K. there is a tradition of eating pancakes. Lydia Brownlow tells you how to make them—and provides recipes for some wild variations.