Marty Beckerman has written for Esquire, Playboy, Salon, Gawker, Discover, and the Huffington Post. He is the author of Generation S.L.U.T., Dumbocracy, and The Heming Way. Hunter S. Thompson once called him a “morbid little bastard.” His website is

The novelist’s debut, Less Than Zero, defined the excess of the 80s. He talks about his new novel, Imperial Bedrooms, and Marty Beckerman finds him aging but defiant about how he’s been misunderstood.

A new research poll says most Americans think the last decade was a disaster. Marty Beckerman on the cultural touchstones, from James Frey to Paris Hilton, that ruined the new millennium.

Kinky Friedman speaks with Marty Beckerman about why he’s running for Texas governor as a Democrat, the blood on Rick Perry’s hands, and the similarities between himself and Gandhi.

Seven years ago, my feud with 17-year-old wunderkind Nick McDonell was all over the tabloids. But with his new book, An Expensive Education, I’ve made peace with the lit world’s It Boy.

The bestselling humorist talks to Marty Beckerman about his new car anthology, Driving Like Crazy—plus how the GM takeover is like an addiction, and why he didn’t get killed as a globetrotting reporter.

Anna David, the author of Bought, a new novel on high-priced prostitution, talks to The Daily Beast's Marty Beckerman about her fictional high-price prostitution ring.

Into threesomes? Foursomes? Moresomes? The co-author of a cult classic about open relationships talks sex communes, romantic one-night stands, and offering chicken soup to lovers.