Martyn Gregory is a London based TV producer & reporter who has won Amnesty International & Royal Television Society awards for his investigative work on human rights. A leading international authority on the Paris crash following his 1998 film Diana-The Accident for Channel 4, Gregory’s book Diana The Last Days became a bestseller. Some of his TV work on Diana’s death can be found here.

The Duchess of Windsor's collection fetched $12.5 million at auction this week. Martyn Gregory, who produced a film about the gems, recalls Mohamed Al-Fayed's fascination with them.

The British broadcaster shamefully tarred Bob Geldof’s landmark charity efforts. This week, they finally set the record straight. Martyn Gregory on his time backstage with Geldof as history was made.

A U.K. millionaire lawyer claims the princess may have been killed before she could “expose landmine dealers.” Martyn Gregory debunks the myth and reports on the latest landmine detection techniques.

Mohamed Al-Fayed may have sold Harrods, but a statue of his son and Princess Diana will remain—as will the stain Fayed left on British life. Martyn Gregory on why the princess might be alive today had she never entered the shop.