Michael Medved hosts a nationally syndicated daily radio talk show heard by more than 4 million listeners. He is also the author of 12 nonfiction books, most recently The 5 Big Lies About American Business.

Dealing With the Deficit

One simple formula could end our debt squabbles—by truly sharing the pain. By Michael Medved.

Stop the Paranoia

Certainly the president’s a big government Democrat, but his refusal to push the country off the cliff proves he’s not set on sinking the economy. By Michael Medved.

Presidential Losers

Turning the presidential losing streak around will take nominees like McCain. Michael Medved explains.

IRS Insanity

The feds slapped a $41 million tax bill on a family for a Rauschenberg the government says they can never sell—a case of taxation run amok, says Michael Medved.