Michele Willens, who coined the term “tweens” for The New York Times, is a journalist, playwright, and editor of Face It: What Women Really Feel As Their Looks Change.


As Montreal gears up for the International Jazz Festival, Michele Willens takes a look at the amazing architecture, art, hotels, and the utterly scrumptious food scene in the City of Saints.

Celeb Playground

Welcome to Malibu Colony, a one-mile stretch of beachfront property that has been witness to the shenanigans of the stars for over 80 years. And oh the tales these homes could tell...

Movie: The Musical

‘Rocky’ is now a musical, along with countless other movies. Whatever happened to theater producers taking risks and not relying on big-screen familiarity?

Lush Places

For decades, Americans have escaped to San Miguel for the culture, climate, and to pursue their artistic passions. But can the city retain its charm even in the spotlight?