Michelle Cottle is a former Washington reporter for The Daily Beast. Read her own story of breast cancer and genetics here.

Lady MacBeth

After the botched execution of a Oklahoma prisoner, the Republican governor must have second thoughts about telling the court to stick it after it temporarily halted the death penalty.

Political Dynasties

Mary, the proud Republican lesbian sister who emerged from Liz’s Senate debacle looking like a total ass-kicker, is a behind-the-scenes operator—but it’s time for her to run for office.

‘An Act of Love’

The wildly popular Francis is offering cover for a few Republicans, including Jeb Bush, to start speaking out in favor of some deeply unpopular issues within the party.


Dick Cheney may be sniping at the 2016 hopeful now, but Paul once hit even harder—accusing the ex-veep of going into Iraq to help Halliburton. And there’s more where that came from.


That’s right, folks. At George Washington University, wannabe political peddlers can now study the much-maligned world of swaying and influencing. But will it make any difference out in the field?


In an attempt to help Texas’ GOP gubernatorial candidate Gregg Abbott battle Dem favorite Wendy Davis, a new PAC of women are digging their heels in too deep.