Mindy Farabee has written for the Los Angeles Times, Bookforum, the Los Angeles Review of Books, The Millions, Boston Globe and others.


In a Q&A the legendary essayist and critic Daphne Merkin riffs on everything from Lena Dunham’s less interesting “flawed” self, her favorite writers, and how to write about sex.

Collective Truth

Jack Livings’s debut story collection focuses on people outside the center of power to paint a subtle and convincing group portrait of China since Mao.

The author of Jim the Boy talks about his new story collection, Mr. Tall, the influence of Hemingway, and how he’s taken by surprise by the weirdness in his fiction.

Light Pollution

Author Paul Bogard talks to Mindy Farabee about light pollution, an environmental problem that we can easily do something about.

Nom Nom

Science writer Mary Roach tells Mindy Farabee about the wonders of our digestive tract—and that raw narwhal skin is delicious.


A writer set out to find the mythical ‘promised land’ of the African diaspora. Emily Raboteau speaks to Mindy Farabee.