Miranda Green is Los Angeles based freelance reporter covering California and the West. Previously she reported from Washington, D.C. for 7 years on energy, environment, climate and political issues, writing for The Hill, CNN, Scripps News and The Daily Beast. Follow her on Twitter @MirandaCGreen

Pets’ Pot Prescription

As acceptance of medical marijuana grows, pet owners increasingly are using the drug to ease the suffering of their furry friends.

Speed Read

A U.N. panel has released an exhaustive new report on climate change. Miranda Green speed reads.

Oh Snap!

Supermarkets and food manufacturers depend on food stamps for a significant chunk of their sales each year. Yet as Republicans push for huge, punitive cuts in funding for the program, the big corporations that benefit are keeping silent.

Pot & Politics

Colorado and Washington have made recreational marijuana use legal. But federal tax and banking laws are making it hard for small businesses there to get off the ground. Congress is trying to help.

Nairobi Fallout

In the aftermath of the Kenya mall siege, the Department of Homeland Security is checking on how well shopping centers at home are prepared for possible copycat attacks. Miranda Green reports.


Friends say Aaron Alexis was a ‘nice guy,’ but police records tell another story. Now 12 people plus the shooter are dead. Ben Jacobs and Miranda Green on Monday’s Washington Navy Yard massacre.