Miriam Datskovsky is an associate editor at The Daily Beast. She has written for Conde Nast Portfolio, New York magazine, and nymag.com.

As he prepares to preside over Broadway’s biggest night, Neil Patrick Harris tells The Daily Beast why playing the ultimate straight guy is villainous, and what he’ll be wearing—or not wearing—Sunday night.

Zach Gilford, the sensitive heartthrob quarterback from Friday Night Lights, goes deep and talks about why his show is not 90210, Carol Burnett’s wedding crashing, and the Hail Mary to save the series for two more seasons.

The real Caroline Cushing Graham—who’s played by actress Rebecca Hall in the movie—talks to The Daily Beast about her romance with Frost, drinks with Richard Nixon, and what the movie gets wrong.

How I Met Your Mother should have been the next Friends. The actors are dedicated, the characters honest; the writers walk the fine line between comedy and sentimentality flawlessly. So what went wrong? Miriam Datskovsky talked to the Emmy-nominated star, Neil Patrick Harris—who’s also this year’s Emmy host.