Mistress Iris is an internationally established Dominatrix and Art Director who works in photography and film. She was a student of Fine Arts at UCLA, where she first discovered her desire for representing the power of female sexuality through sculpture, installation, and performance art. During her time in university, she also spent time pursuing her interest in psychology, often focusing on the subject of human sexuality.

After graduating, she trained under an established BDSM practitioner and debuted as a professional Dominatrix in 2013. Over the course of 7 years, Mistress Iris became internationally renowned in the world of BDSM, boasting clients in Europe, North America, and Asia. She also became a central figure among her colleagues by helping to create a community of support and sisterhood across borders.

In recent years, Mistress Iris has used her unique eye for visual arts to make BDSM and psychosexuality more accessible to the masses. She has collaborated with photographers and filmmakers to create visual experiences that illuminate the intricacies of sexual power dynamics. In 2020, Mistress Iris partnered with Vixen Media Group to produce her first narrative short film, “Interview,” a psychosexual look into how traditional masculinity plays into submissive desires. The film is a passion project that she wrote, co-directed, and performed in.

Using her cumulative experience from the last decade, Mistress Iris is devoted to breaking away the stigma surrounding kink, so that all who are curious can feel encouraged to explore and learn about their desires.