Niall Stanage is a New York-based, Irish-born journalist and the author of Redemption Song: An Irish Reporter Inside the Obama Campaign (Liberties Press, Dublin).

Ireland’s economic troubles threaten the financial health of Europe and even the U.S. At the heart of the multibillion-dollar crisis are two highflying bankers who some say took the country for a ride.

One debate turned Nick Clegg from an unknown to the British Obama in the U.K. prime minister’s race. Niall Stanage on his celebrity fan club, his sexual escapades, and his fondness for meditation.

British Prime Minister Gordon Brown throws Coke cans and screams obscenities at staff, according to a new book. But are the temper tantrums actually good for his image?

The agreement to stabilize the Catholic-Protestant government in Northern Ireland will allow the province, finally, to police itself. It also ends America’s role as a peace broker in the region.

Remember Hillary Clinton’s infamous gaffe about gunfire in Bosnia? Now, questions are emerging about the accuracy of her remarks during a trip to Northern Ireland this week.