Nicole “Little” Lencioni, an award-winning LGBTQ activist, writer and musician, will be featured in the Showtime docu-series Time of Death, which takes an unflinching look at several terminally ill people, including Little’s mother, who was diagnosed with Stage 3 breast cancer. Little hoped that in sharing the experience in the oft-unspoken world of death and dying that they would help families facing similar situations know what to expect and give hope that it’s possible to come out the other side without losing yourself along the way.

Since her mother’s death, Little has returned to her creative passions of writing and music. Little puts her sincere and poignant experiences into the songs she writes and performs with her band, The Switched. She is also currently writing an honest memoir about her childhood, from the depths of her darkest moments, to her recovery from her inner demons. 


Time of Death, premiering Friday on Showtime, is an unflinching examination of mortality which chronicles the final days of a terminal patient’s life. It’s also how the star of the show got to know her dying mother.