Nicolle Wallace, author of novels Eighteen Acres and It's Classified ,served as a senior adviser to the McCain-Palin campaign from May to November 2008. She served President George W. Bush as an assistant to the president and director of communications for the White House, as well as communications director for President Bush's 2004 campaign.

What happens when the vice president gets asked tough questions? An exclusive excerpt from Nicolle Wallace’s new novel, 'It’s Classified.'

An exclusive excerpt from the former McCain campaign and Bush adviser’s new novel, Eighteen Acres, that tells the story of the first female president—and her dramatic life, domestic and political.

Yes, the Delaware upset could hurt the GOP’s chances this fall. But Nicolle Wallace argues that a more modest November would actually be good for Republicans.

The president seemed surprisingly irritated as he spoke to the wise women of The View. Former Bush strategist Nicolle Wallace on what he can learn from his vice president.

California’s GOP Senate nominee blundered badly with her catty remark about her fall rival’s hair. Bush strategist Nicolle Wallace on why Fiorina should apologize—and how mean girls hold women back. Plus, watch the full video of Fiorina’s remarks.

The secret to Scott Brown’s success in Massachusetts was his strong appeal to independent voters—a template for the GOP in 2010, and a Democratic nightmare.

Of course Obama is serious about terrorism, Nicolle Wallace says, but how come his savvy team didn’t stop him from golfing and seeing Avatar before lashing out about the bomb attempt.

Obama’s embrace of the counterinsurgency strategy deserves applause across the political spectrum. But what was missing, Nicolle Wallace argues, was any sense of what’s in his heart.