Noah Charney's most recent book is The Fate of the Masterpiece: How the Monuments Men Rescued the Mystic Lamb from the Nazis.  Selected live audio interviews from the How I Write series appear on his podcast, The Secret History of Art.  He welcomes you to join him on Facebook or visit his website.

Endless Work

Endless Love, adapted for the big screen in 1981 and 2014, made Scott Spencer’s novel a household name. But the National Book Award-nominated author was already regarded as a modern master.


The writer talks about working with filmmaker J.J. Abrams on their beautifully illustrated and executed meta-novel S.

The author of the popular Pure and Fuse has completed the trilogy with the new book, Burn. She talks about breaking into an Irish accent, her first book, and Michael Moore.

Fever Dreams

Before World War II’s start, Hitler was driven to create his dream museum containing all his favorite Aryan-approved art. Noah Charney on how the Monuments Men had to unravel the thousands of objects.

Monuments Man

The prolific actor, who stars as Private Preston Savitz in this week’s Monuments Men, is also a successful children’s book author.


The best-selling author of the Alex Cross novels, whose new book First Love, co-written with Emily Raymond, is out now, talks about how much of his life is spent writing outlines, and what an aspiring writer can do differently to prepare for a career in popular fiction as opposed to literary fiction.