Crisis in Ukraine

The Kremlin’s Crazy Shock Troops

The most prominent figures among the provocateurs in eastern Ukraine turn out to be a motley crew of eccentric war lovers, and even Russian President Putin may find them embarrassing.

Crisis in Ukraine

Billionaire Bounty-Hunting Club

An oligarch hopes that offering rewards for captured Russians will motivate the public and the troops, but so far all he’s inspired is cynical—and desperate—laughter.

Ukraine Crisis

A Crypto-Nazi Murder Mystery

Brutal, defiant “Bilyi” was a dream come true for Kremlin propagandists, a nightmare for Ukrainian moderates. Now, just as he predicted on YouTube, he’s dead.

Referendum Day

The Crimea Exodus Has Begun 

As pro-Moscow squads are intimidating locals to vote ‘yes’ to join Russia, many Ukraine nationalists and ethnic Tatars are trying to make arrangements to temporarily leave the region.