Olivia Cole is the literary editor of British GQ. She edits the Spectator’s quarterly Life supplement and is a published poet.


The drafts for one of Sylvia Plath's last poems will go to auction soon. Olivia Cole uncovers a haunting fragment on the back of a page.

A new biography of the iconic photographer is filled with revelations about sexual life and allegations of incest—but only adds to her artistic legacy.

Olivia Cole talks to friends of the legendary actress Patricia Neal, who died this week, about her marriage to Roald Dahl and the clan of writers and activists they raised.

A source tells Olivia Cole that his deal to replace Larry King is days away from being finalized and that the new show will be a radical departure. But who exactly is Piers Morgan?

With the news that alleged Russian spy Anna Chapman was hanging out at Harry and William’s favorite nightclub, Olivia Cole reports on their famous haunts and why they were so exposed while partying.

For the last two weeks Matt Harvey has been writing haikus, rhyming couplets, and poetry to celebrate tennis and its stars, reports Olivia Cole—and he’s not the only new poet in residence as rock concerts and hedge fund conferences recruit their own.

In the midst of terrible violence in the streets of Kingston, world-famous writers and poets journeyed to the beach for the 10th annual Calabash Literary Festival to celebrate the spirit of the country. Olivia Cole reports.

Samantha Cameron, the wife of Britain’s new prime minister, is already a fashion icon with her mix of high and low—and proving a political asset like Mrs. Obama and Carla Bruni. Olivia Cole on Sam Cam’s political fashions.

England’s favorite politically incorrect novelist has a new book, The Pregnant Widow, about the summer of 1970. He spoke with Olivia Cole about the recent British election, his take on the sexual revolution, and the awfulness of the press.