Pat O'Brien has been a broadcaster for more than three decades, including many years as the co-host of Access Hollywood and The Insider. A former anchor for CBS Sports, he is also the author of Talkin' Sports: A B.S.-er's Guide. He divides his time among Los Angeles, New York, and Nantucket.

Pat O’Brien, who’s made his own high-profile mistakes, writes about what he learned from them—that too many football players still need to learn.

Forget all the scandals and the weirdness, Pat O’Brien says. In the end, what we will remember about the Michael Jackson he knew is the music.

He plays a congressman in the just-released State of Play and sounds like one, too. Ben Affleck speaks out about the crisis in Africa, rape, and whether he’ll actually run for office.

Magic Johnson likes Michigan State (shocking) and Jimmy Kimmel’s pulling for the play-in team Alabama State. Pat O’Brien talks brackets—and reveals his own.

As Jimmy Fallon suffers through morning-after first reactions, Pat O'Brien says it's too soon to write off Late Night. Plus, Conan and Cavett have some advice for the future.