Paul Campos is a professor of law at the University of Colorado at Boulder.

Acting Alone

Why Did Obama Flip-Flop on Immigration?

For years the president has insisted he was no ‘emperor’ and couldn’t unilaterally enact the immigration measures he announced Thursday night. So what changed between then and now?


48 Hours, No Miranda

The “public safety” exception started out narrow, but has grown into a warped version of itself, writes Paul Campos.

Stay Out Of It, Supremes!

Paul Campos says the best way to honor the “democratic process” is for the Supreme Court to back off and let the lower-court ruling stand.

Bork is Dead. Long Live Scalia!

The original originalist never made it to the high court, but his brother in arms, Antonin Scalia, has wrought more than enough damage on his own, writes Paul Campos.

United by Tragedy

We Are All Penn State

It wasn't just university leadership that enabled Jerry Sandusky. It was a system that discourages rocking the boat at all costs.

Foodie Wars

Did This Chef Rip Off Martha Stewart? 

The Food Network canceled Anne Thornton’s Dessert First show in part because she allegedly copied Martha Stewart and Ina Garten’s work, but the legal system provides no easy way to copyright a recipe.


Chris Christie Embarrasses Himself

The New Jersey governor may have apologized, but that won’t erase the memory of him claiming 1960s civil-rights activists would have preferred a referendum—not legislation. Paul Campos on what the flub says about the contemporary American conservative movement.