Paul Mooney, a freelance journalist, has been reporting from Beijing since 1994.

Every year, thousands of healthy Chinese are forcibly locked up and ‘treated’ in mental institutions, according to a new report by the Chinese Human Rights Defenders.

Tireless Advocate

Ye Haiyan campaigns to improve conditions and end discrimination for China’s sex workers, going as far as working as a prostitute. Paul Mooney talks to the well-known advocate.

Zhang Ziyi Scandal

The Zhang Ziyi scandal may be unfounded, but trading sex for favors is part of the new China. Paul Mooney reports from Beijing.

Beijing’s response to the Uighur massacre is just like its reaction to last year’s Tibet uprising—self-denial and scapegoating. Until the party honchos realize their own abusive rule is to blame, they’ll face increasing challenges to their power.