Peter Beinart, is the editor of and writes about domestic politics and foreign policy at The Daily Beast. He is also an associate professor of journalism and political science at CUNY and author of The Crisis of Zionism.

Gone Too Far

It’s OK for the American Studies Association to judge the country with a double standard. Denying the legitimacy of a democratic Jewish state is another story.


What if China and the U.S. were a hair’s-breadth away from war—and Americans didn’t notice? Why pundits on both sides of the aisle are ignoring the scary reality.

Real Reconciliation

Why, in the days since the South African leader’s death, has the American media been so obsessed with his capacity for forgiveness? Instead let’s remember his insistence on truth first.


If we turn the late South African leader into a nonthreatening moral icon, we’ll forget a key lesson from his life: America isn’t always a force for freedom.

It’s Not ’38

U.S. and Israeli hawks are rushing to call the interim nuclear agreement a capitulation and Obama another Chamberlain. It’s another sign the doomsayers don’t know their history.

What’s in a Word

Mary Cheney’s straight family members keep talking about ‘compassion’—a word that sounds nice but is typically used by the right to convey pity for the morally diseased.