Peter H. Stone has covered money and politics and lobbying in Washington for over  two decades. He's the author of Heist, a book about Jack Abramoff lobbying scandal published by FSG. Stone is currently working on a new book about super donors and Citizens United.

Money War

As the Senate minority leader prepares for the battle of his career, two conservative super PACs with ties to the biggest guns in GOP fundraising are lining up behind him.

Dark Money

A California grand jury has been convened in a probe that began when a PAC didn’t disclose the sources of its spending, as required by California law. Peter Stone reports.

George W. Bush said after bin Laden's killing that he wanted to stay out of the public eye. But Peter H. Stone says he's becoming a high-profile figure on the buck-raking circuit.

The next presidential race will be driven by more money than ever before—and the GOP is already besting the Dems' fundraising. Peter H. Stone on the tactics behind the furious money grab.

After tragedies like Tucson, the NRA has moved to block new gun laws—laws that Peter Stone, of the Center for Public Integrity, says would have saved lives by blocking the sale of high-capacity magazines used by the gunman.

The former House Majority Leader is gloating over the Justice Department's decision not to prosecute him in the Abramoff scandal. Peter Stone on the government's failure and whether DeLay could still go to jail.