Peter Lauria is a business writer, previously a senior correspondent for The Daily Beast covering business, media, and entertainment, and before that a corporate media and business reporter for the New York Post covering music, movies, television, cable, and radio.

The media and sports billionaire and self-described "all-around troublemaker" opens up about the future of content, the state of basketball and why news may be delivered on a Netflix model.

The mogul is working to bring daughter Elisabeth back to News Corp. with a deal to purchase her production company, Shine Group. Peter Lauria looks at Rupert's "master plan" for keeping the media empire in the family.

Peter Lauria talks to the Grammy-nominated singer about why his mother's death was "relief," music he admires (Billy Joel, Iggy Pop), and music he does not (Maroon 5).

As the rock legend attempts to transform American Idol tomorrow, he tells The Daily Beast’s Peter Lauria that the hit show will actually transform his career—and Aerosmith’s future.

Eminem's comeback, Keith Richards' autobiography, the Justin Bieber tidal wave, and Taylor Swift's maturity—Peter Lauria's gallery of the 16 biggest music stories in 2010.

To challenge Google, Bing’s marketing chief, Eric Hadley, has a $100 million annual budget and gets to hang out with Jay-Z for work. Peter Lauria reports on Bill Gates’ opposite.

Kanye West’s new album, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, comes out Monday. His manager talks exclusively to Peter Lauria about the rapper’s plans to expand the Kanye brand.