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‘It’s On Like Donkey Kong’

One company’s stock soared, based on the news that ‘Voters for Hillary’ would hire it. Except the group never spent a dime on Clinton. Was the whole thing a penny-stock swindle?


Every year Nebraska collection agencies file lawsuits by the tens of thousands thanks to cheap court feeds and loose rules that leave the poor and sick vulnerable.


Voters decided to scrap the kind of super-empowered emergency managers who made questionable decisions in Flint—but state lawmakers revived the program.


A ProPublica analysis of political fundraising shows Republican leaders like Paul Ryan and Kevin McCarthy have more donors in common with Democrats than with their rank-and-file.


Paula Schulte couldn’t survive a cascade of medical mistakes. After that, her family couldn’t get answers—or accountability.

‘Wonderful Donors’

Clinton talks up her record on reining in the financial industry, but a look at her proposals and votes as a senator during the crisis years tells a different story.

In Plain Sight

How Michael Jon Hand, who founded an Australian bank with ties to American military and intelligence officials that defrauded depositors and investors, was tracked to Idaho.

They Can Hear You Now

Telecom carriers and manufacturers are holding back critical software updates to the Pentagon’s supposedly secure phones, putting classified information at risk.