Reihan Salam is a policy advisor at e21 and a fellow at the New America Foundation.

Don’t fall for Obama’s jokes about his tan. GOP House Leader John Boehner, who may be the next speaker, is ready for battle.

Jim DeMint, now shutting down the Senate, is a prickly guy not beloved in Washington. But his Tea Party street cred makes him a serious alternative to Palin in 2012.

Obama just promoted Austan Goolsbee to help run his economic policy but what he really needs, says Reihan Salam, is a fiery populist if the Dems are going to have any chance of proving the pollsters wrong in November.

He knows Chicago’s neighborhoods. He built a diverse coalition in a city sorely in need of new leadership. Maybe Barack Obama is in the wrong job.

Glenn Beck's weekend speech was reminiscent of the radical 1960s black separatist leader: Both terrify mainstream liberals and shed politics for a message of spiritual uplift.

Marco Rubio's extraordinary rise in Florida, and energized Republican voters in Tuesday's primaries, are heartening news for conservatives—and Florida's three-way Senate race looks to be November's most interesting.

As the much-admired general heads to Meet the Press today, it’s becoming clear that he faces a terrible, thankless job in Afghanistan.

Goldman Sachs' swearing ban strips the firm's employees of one of their most important tools—and will only hasten the exodus of the firm's best talent.