Richard Cohen is a syndicated columnist for the Washington Post and a contributor to The Daily Beast.

The United States’ deal to extend a settlement freeze in Israel skirts the issue. What Israelis really care about is security, says Richard Cohen.

But killing a mad man like Steven Hayes won't fix anything. Richard Cohen on why the death penalty for the Connecticut home intruder is revenge, not justice.

The Academy's honorary Oscar for anti-Semitic French director Jean-Luc Godard is more than a kerfuffle—it's an outrage. Richard Cohen on how Hollywood, supposedly controlled by Jews, could be so cowardly.

At one point, Tony Curtis and Eddie Fisher represented a new realm of possibilities for a middle-class Jewish boy—but their personal lives would ultimately mar their status as idols.

Now that the House has approved a bill to slap a 90 percent tax on the AIG bonuses, Richard Cohen has a few other tax targets for Congress to consider—including gun owners, reality-TV producers, and contractors who don’t finish jobs on time.

Caroline Kennedy’s spectacularly bungled bid for New York’s Senate seat has once again relegated Chicago to second city status—even when it comes to political incompetence.

An exclusive interview with Bernhard Schlink, author of the celebrated novel The Reader, about Hollywood's controversial new take on his book, verboten love, and why Kate Winslet makes a convincing war criminal.