Richard L. Hasen, a professor of law and political science at the University of California, Irvine, is at work on a book on campaign financing, equality, and the Supreme Court.


From campaign finance to political gerrymandering, the retired Supreme Court justice skips hard arguments in his new book in favor of unrealistic, poorly drafted solutions.

Supreme Doubletake

In a revelation that shocked the legal community, one of the judges who voted to uphold voter ID laws in Indiana recently admitted he was wrong. Richard L. Hasen on why the about-face is warranted.

Stop the Vote

Amid an outburst of right-wing energy, North Carolina is set to pass one of the most restrictive voting laws in the nation. But the experiences of other states should tell them how badly it could backfire.

States' Rights

What looks like a victory for the federal government may give states new powers to resist Washington’s control over elections, writes Richard L. Hasen.

Sept. 11 … Katrina … Disasters have interfered with elections before, and they surely will again, but Congress has still done nothing to prepare for the next big one, writes Richard Hasen.