History Repeats

In a daring escape, Sasha Pechersky saved hundreds of Jews from Hitler’s infamous death camp. But thousands had to die first, as the world watched and did nothing. By Richard Rashke

Holocaust Justice

It’s never too late to convict a Nazi. And if Germany finds 30 alleged Auschwitz guards guilty, it can thank a man named John Demjanjuk. Richard Rashke on the long path to justice.

The Big Lie

Mad that our government lied about the NSA spying program? That’s nothing. In 1945, it lied about recruiting Nazis as spies—and the truth lay hidden for decades. By Richard Rashke

Leakers in Peril

The government tried hard to discredit the late anti-nuke activist, and now it looks as though Snowden is getting the same treatment, writes Richard Rashke.

War Crimes

It might be ancient history that the U.S. hired and protected thousands of Nazi war criminals, but there’s no time like the present to right those wrongs. Richard Rashke on what Obama can do now.