Rob Hart is the author of ‘The Woman from Prague,‘ (Polis Books), which was picked by Publishers Weekly as one of the best reads of the summer. He is also the author of New Yorked, nominated for an Anthony Award for Best First Novel, ‘City of Rose,’ and ‘South Village,’ chosen by The Boston Globe as one of the best books of 2016. Short fiction has appeared in publications like Thuglit, Needle, and Joyland. Non-fiction has appeared at Slate, The Daily Beast, and Electric Literature. He is the publisher at You can find him online at @robwhart or


The overwhelming on-screen success of ‘Wonder Woman’ begs the question: Why aren’t there more strong women, and a lot fewer girls on trains and elsewhere in pop culture?

Storied Streets

A novelist names his five favorite books about Gotham, ranging from an E.B. White classic to the fictional inspiration for the Charles Bronson revenge flick Death Wish.