Robert Weiss LCSW, CSAT-S, Founding Director of The Sexual Recovery Institute (SRI), Los Angeles and Senior Vice President of Clinical Development for Elements Behavioral Health is an UCLA MSW graduate and early trainee of Dr. Patrick Carnes, Mr. Weiss is author of Cruise Control, Sex Addiction 101 and co-author of both Closer Together Further Apart and the upcoming Always Turned On (Summer 2014) with Dr. Jennifer Schneider. A media expert to CNN, The Oprah Winfrey Network, and the Today Show among many others, Mr. Weiss also has provided clinical training and program development for the N.I.H., the US Marines, Navy as well as multi-addiction, behavioral health treatment centers across the globe.


Drug companies are wasting millions of dollars in research on “female Viagra.” They need to realize that female and male arousal are completely different—and a Viagra-like pill isn’t what women need.