Roja Heydarpour is a former editor at The Daily Beast. She has reported for the The New York Times and The Times-Tribune.

In the last decade, Prince Manvendra Singh Gohil got married, got divorced, came out of the closet, and talked to Oprah Winfrey—and now, he's spreading awareness about a spreading HIV crisis in India.

Brutal crackdowns, disguised riot police, and blocked websites weren't enough to stop tens of thousands of Iranians from flooding the streets Monday, inspired by Egypt and Tunisia. Omid Memarian and Roja Heydarpour on their surprising resurgence.

As political unrest shakes Egypt, the Iranian government has quietly hanged at least 73 people in recent weeks in what may be an effort to discourage new uprisings in Tehran. Omid Memarian and Roja Heydarpour on the secret prisons and brewing backlash.

Amy Homan McGee was killed by her abusive husband while her kids waited in the car. A new documentary about her is now a case study of what not to do about domestic violence, says Roja Heydarpour.