Salameh Nematt is an international writer for The Daily Beast. He is the former Washington bureau chief for the international Arab daily Al Hayat, where he reported on US foreign policy, the war in Iraq, and the US drive for democratization in the broader Middle East. He has also written extensively on regional and global energy issues and their political implications.

Thursday’s roadside bombing outside Amman made clear that Jordan is at the center of the war on terror. Salameh Nematt on the new pressure on the kingdom as it partners with the CIA.

The suicide bomber who devastated a CIA base in Afghanistan will be a source of bragging for terrorists, but which terrorists? Salameh Nematt on why al Qaeda might not be behind the attack—and how the bomber pulled it off.

Protected by 40 female virgins trained to kill—and perhaps even hosting dignitaries at his Bedouin tent on a Trump estate— Libya’s “Brotherly Leader” will address the United Nations on Wednesday, offending some and amusing others.

To get Arab nations behind the Middle East peace process, Obama is making nice with the king of Egyptian corruption, President Hosni Mubarak. Can he be trusted? By Salameh Nematt.

Iran casts a long shadow over the Mideast—arming Hezbollah, backing outlawed Iraqi militias, supporting the Taliban. So how does the region feel about the uprising? Salameh Nematt checks in.

As democratic media back Iran's opposition, it’s a different story in authoritarian regimes. Salameh Nematt reports on journalists remaining in Iran and the overall political news war.

Pillars of the Islamic Revolution are turning against the supreme leader and a massive, bloody security crackdown on the thousands of peaceful protesters is looking increasingly likely—leaving Obama with a huge dilemma.

Reaction to Obama's Cairo speech ranged from angry comparisons to Bush, praise for his balanced approach—and accusations that he's an apostate. The Daily Beast's Salameh Nematt translates today's headlines from across the Arab world.