Sally Denton is a writer based in Santa Fe and author of six books, including The Money and the Power: The Making of Las Vegas and Its Hold on America and the forthcoming The Pink Lady: The Many Lives of Helen Gahagan Douglas (Bloomsbury Press).

Nixon’s victory over Helen Gahagan Douglas was one of the nastiest in history, and a prototype for today's GOP smear tactics. In an exclusive excerpt from The Pink Lady, Sally Denton revisits the infamous Senate campaign.

As the House narrowly passed the health-care bill Saturday night, Sen. Harry Reid, the man now charged with pushing the bill through the Senate, is closing in on 60 votes. How? Sen. Lieberman’s post-election loyalty to the Senate Majority Leader—and the political implosion of Reid's Nevada rival.

The sex scandal-marred Nevada Republican is finished politically—his party is mobilizing against him, the governor is plotting his replacement. But the pesky senator refuses to quit. Sally Denton on the countdown to his resignation.

Majority Leader Harry Reid is embattled in Washington—and trailing in the polls at home. Sally Denton on the latest indication of a Democratic meltdown.

Even Mob-run casinos knew enough to give a high percentage of their take back to the players. Sally Denton on why health insurance is a bigger ripoff than the slots.

In laissez-faire Nevada, anything goes: except sexual hypocrisy and casino-tainted politicians. The problem for John Ensign, writes Sally Denton, is that he has violated both taboos.

On Saturday, Calvin Borel will attempt to become the first jockey ever to win the Triple Crown on multiple horses. The stories of those two animals, Mine That Bird and Rachel Alexandra, and the people who care for them, say something about horse racing’s shady past—and, possibly, its future.

The president’s staffing nightmares began with Bill Richardson, the erstwhile Commerce nominee, who has told confidants that he was promised the secretary of State job. Now, with looming investigations and sinking polls, Richardson may be lucky to hang on as governor of New Mexico.

As the local economy crumbles and Las Vegas Mayor Oscar Goodman seizes on the president's words to get national attention, he and Nevada Sen. Harry Reid's son are priming for their next fight—the race for governor.