Sam Bungey is a contributor to This American Life, The Sydney Morning Herald and other publications. He edits the online magazine The Racket.

As News of the World's final edition flies off shelves, Sam Bungey reports from the streets of London.

Julian Assange, founder of the investigative Web site WikiLeaks, is the force behind a new viral video showing U.S. soldiers shooting journalists in Iraq. Sam Bungey interviews the man U.S. intelligence regards as a potential security threat.

The president was supposed to be touching down in Australia Sunday night. Sam Bungey on how the land down under is coping with the snub.

Across the globe, conservatives who have gone green are under fire for their carbon-cutting zeal. Sam Bungey on David Cameron’s comeuppance, Monsieur Taxe’s troubles, and Australia’s denier coup.

The Obamas' trip to Martha's Vineyard this week will be a press-shy affair—nothing like the Clintons' was, when even the Lewinsky scandal couldn't keep Bill from mugging for the press.

The Daily Beast has learned where the first family will stay this summer: Blue Heron Farm, a lavish $20 million-compound on Martha's Vineyard—paying market rent.