Author of The Flying Tigers, Sam Kleiner is a historian and lawyer based in New York City. He was raised in Tucson, Arizona and holds a BA from Northwestern University, a doctorate in international relations from the University of Oxford, where he was a Marshall Scholar, and a JD from Yale Law School. His writing has appeared in the Los Angeles Times, Foreign Policy, and The Atlantic.


The battlefield wasn’t the only place the future of the world was being forged during WWII. At the Bretton Woods Conference, the modern financial system was created.


While a potential Mitt Romney comeback seems partially tied to his supposed prescience about Russia and the Middle East, his lack of actual policies speak volumes to the contrary.


Before a political enemy was punished by his staff, the then-U.S. Attorney was accused of using his office to reward friends with no-bid contracts.

Back to the Future

Desperate to stop a second Clinton presidency in 2016, it’s a sure bet many in the GOP will reprise the ugly attacks they used on her 22 years ago.