Sam Youngman is a veteran Washington political reporter and political writer for the Lexington Herald-Leader.

That’s Your Answer?

Voters looking for clarity on the Senate minority leader’s doublespeak on ‘all those gosh darn proposals’ or his challenger’s 2012 presidential pick were left disappointed Monday night.

Red Meat

It’s the biggest political gathering in Kentucky politics, and with Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell’s job on the line, it’s now one of the most important in the country.


Kentucky’s senior senator wants to be majority leader more than anything else and he has been determined to crush conservative opposition in Tuesday’s primary to do it.

Kentucky Derby

He helped Ron and Rand Paul tear down the Republican establishment. Then the ‘sellout’ went to work for Mitch McConnell. Meet the operative who just might bring the party back together.

Dark Horse

Mitch McConnell’s Tea party opponent in the Kentucky race for the U.S. Senate is largely unknown, but his best shot may be to change his name and run as Not Mitch McConnell.


Rand Paul suing Obama over domestic surveillance is just the beginning of his plan to make civil liberties the cornerstone of a potential presidential campaign.

That Mitch?!

The Senate minority leader, under fire from Democrats and Tea Partiers alike, wasn’t always so easy to hate. McConnell explains why he voted to override Reagan’s veto on sanctions.

Kentucky Wonder

Alison Grimes’s campaign for McConnell’s Senate seat has gotten this far for one reason: she’s not McConnell. Now she needs to say who she is and what she stands for.