Sara Gilford is a video blogger at Newsweek and The Daily Beast.

You thought it couldn’t have gotten any better after Herman Cain’s pizza jam, but the candidate’s new ad—complete with the Tea Party tunes, the intense close-ups of Cain’s campaign chief of staff, Mark Block, and, of course, the infamous cigarette—is even more ripe for parody. From Jon Huntsman’s smokin’ girls to Conan’s gateway drug and Stephen Colbert’s smoking gun, WATCH VIDEO of the six best parodies of Cain’s campaign ad.

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Stephanie Madoff Mack has no kind words to say about her fraudulent father-in-law. From blaming him for her late husband’s suicide to describing Bernie as a jailhouse ‘mafia Don,’ WATCH VIDEO of Mark Madoff’s widow’s airing of the Madoff family secrets. Plus, read the 9 juiciest bits of her new memoir, The End of Normal.