Sara Nelson is a critic for The Daily Beast and the former editor in chief of Publishers Weekly. She is the author of the bestselling So Many Books, So Little Time.

To the post-Julia Child generation, Sheila Lukins’ Silver Palate Cookbook was an everyday gourmet bible. Sara Nelson remembers their smorgasbord of friendship and fine food.

The Da Vinci Code sequel is striking fear in authors like Pat Conroy and Larry McMurtry, who want their books out first. Sara Nelson asks: Is Dan Brown publishing’s angel or demon?

Part sudser for the Danielle Steel set and intellectual bait for Latin American studies majors, Carolina de Robertis’ novel The Invisible Mountain is a dazzling debut.

Another player in the John Edwards love child drama is speaking out, telling editors he feels betrayed by the once-friendly Edwards family. Campaign worker Andrew Young—who claimed to be the father of Rielle Hunter’s child and was paid to take her into his home for eight months—is shopping a tell-all book proposal dishing about the sex scandal.

This week, Sara Nelson gets a sneak peek at Nora Ephron’s new movie based on the life of Julia Child and revisits her amazing story. Plus: Miles Kington’s hilarious cancer memoir.

Writer Jeffrey Zaslow told the world of Randy Pausch’s last lecture. Now he’s landed Chesley Sullenberger’s memoir. Sara Nelson talks to Zaslow about his new book, The Girls From Ames.

This week, Sara Nelson returns from Book Expo where the Michael Crichton tribute was moving, Lorrie Moore overcame her fear of public speaking, and Craig Ferguson stole the show.

As Book Expo America begins today, Sara Nelson previews the buzziest books—including new works from Jane Smiley, Jeannette Walls, and Lorrie Moore—and the hottest authors.

This week, Sara Nelson attends a rare Dave Eggers speech, spotlights a trend in air-crash books, and goes to an author-packed party for the new PEN/O. Henry Prize Stories.