Sarah Kunst is an investor, philanthropist and startup executive who has worked for Apple, Chanel and Red Bull, many consumer and b2b startups. She is now a venture capital investor. She is also part of the Venture Diversity founding team and on the Investor Board of Venture for America. Kunst hails from Michigan and is a MSU Spartan though she now lives in SF and NYC.


With an estimated 4 million unintentional pregnancies each year, gynecologists are urging their patients switch from oral contraceptives to an intrauterine device (IUD). Just three years after doctors cast it off as unsuitable, the IUD is reigning supreme.

Bang Bang

Fourteen years after Cure Violence started in Chicago, studies show its tactics—which treat violence as a “disease” to be contained—are working. It’s newest partner? Syria.

You're Hired

Now that Obamacare has removed healthcare from employment, people can leave their cubicles and pursue part-time labor. With apps like Uber, that labor might happen on a micro-level.