Writer, fashion commentator and window-dresser, Simon Doonan, is known for his provocative "Simon Says" column in the New York Observer. He has written four books: Confessions of a Window Dresser, Wacky Chicks, a memoir entitled Nasty and a tongue-in-cheek style guide entitled Eccentric Glamour. Nasty is to be re-released as Beautiful People.  A comedy TV series entitled Beautiful People, produced by Jon Plowman, will debut on LOGO in May.

In the age of talentless nobodies becoming miraculously famous, still-talentless somebodies, it’s time to remember Florence Foster Jenkins, the genre’s patron saint.

Listen up, Jamie Oliver! Simon Doonan pays homage to the original European celebrity chef, who turned a case of tuberculosis into a glamorous career.

Long before Lady Gaga and her disco stick, there was Ian Dury, British rock god—and subject of a new film screening at the Tribeca Film Festival. Simon Doonan on the creator of “Sex and Drugs and Rock and Roll.”

With the Oscars approaching, Simon Doonan says we should all take a minute to remember leggy, resilient Anna May Wong, the first Chinese-American movie star.

As another season of American Idol revs up, Simon Doonan says we’d do well to remember the immortal New York Doll, who was a rock god from his mop-top down to his methadone.

Fabulous lunatic Madame Blavatsky was a con artist, a mystic, and the founder of the Theosophist Society. Simon Doonan says she’s just the woman we need at the start of a new decade.

Napoleon’s hot, profligate sister shagged like a man, shopped like a Madoff, and wooed a Borghese. The Daily Beast’s Simon Doonan breaks down her many splendors.

Where has all the ugly gone? The Daily Beast’s Simon Doonan praises the Young Frankenstein star for his magnificent hideousness.