Soraya Roberts is a Toronto-based entertainment journalist. A former editor at New York Daily News and AOL, she now freelances for Slate and the Toronto Star, blogs about films at, and is working on her first book. Follow her on Twitter at @sorayaroberts.


Canada’s Subversive Sock Puppet 

Foul-mouthed chauvinist who flirted with chicks in a hot tub or celebrity-friendly sociopolitical satirist? The most candid media personality in Canada is Ed the Sock.


Blackface Is Not OK

Halloween costumes involving blackface are still appearing on celebrities and on social media. The practice is not just offensive; it shows a blatant ignorance of racism’s history.

Fashioning the Turban

Celebrating Sikh Style

Despite an increase in violence against the Sikh community in the U.S., some fashion-conscious Sikhs are reclaiming the individuality of their headdress. Soraya Roberts reports.

American Beauty

The New Face of the ‘Girl Next Door’

Nina Davuluri’s Miss America win—and Julie Chen’s recent admission that she got eyelid surgery to widen her ‘Asian eyes’—spotlights changes in Western and Asian beauty ideals.


The New British Noir 

‘Broadchurch,’ ‘Southcliffe’ and the UK’s small town crime drama boom takes its cues from Nordic Noir. By Soraya Roberts.

Mr. Moms

Father Knows Best

While more men are staying at home and excelling at fatherhood, movies and TV still portray such dads as bumbling, emasculated weaklings, writes Soraya Roberts.

Ready to War

The Rise of Anti-Rape Fashion

Brutal rapes in India inspired the invention of an “anti-rape bra.” From the modern chastity belt, to a bag that disguises as a manhole, Soraya Roberts on the growing trend of protective fashion.

Enough Is Enough

The Rise of Sexist Fashion

The logo of a Canadian brand called Plain Jane Homme is a silhouette of a naked woman with underwear around her ankles. But thankfully, Soraya Roberts writes, people are getting sick of sexist merch.

U.K. Import

TV’s Greatest Swearer

First hired as a ‘swearing consultant’ for the BBC cult favorite The Thick of It, Ian Martin has graduated to full-fledged staff writer for Armando Iannucci’s political satire—and his work can be seen in all its colorful glory on Hulu. Martin talks to Soraya Roberts.