Suzi Parker is an Arkansas-based journalist who has written for the Christian Sicence Monitor, the Economist, and is the author of Echo Ellis: Adventures of a Girl Reporter and Sex in the South: Unbuckling the Bible Belt


Hillary Clinton didn’t mention Trump’s KKK comments during an Arkansas rally, but that didn’t stop the crowd from quietly worrying about what they mean for the country at large.


The volunteers at Bernie Sanders HQ in Little Rock know they are operating behind enemy lines, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t going to try to change some minds deep inside Clinton Country.


Donald Trump brought a record-breaking crowd right into the heart of a majority-black neighborhood in Bill and Hillary Clinton’s old stomping ground. And then he let rip.


Bill Gothard’s evangelical teachings found fans in Mike Huckabee and the Duggars, but he and another pastor allegedly used them to take advantage of women.

Hot Huck Time Machine

The former governor returned to his hometown of Hope, Arkansas, to launch his presidential campaign and scare the hell out of his fans. Exactly how they like it.