Ted Gioia is the author of ten books on music and popular culture. His latest book is How to Listen to Jazz from Basic Books.

Tune Up

The contemporary pop music world can sound mighty bland. Only a few of the musicians featured here are famous, but each has the potential to shake up the current scene.

Don’t Fret

A couple of decades ago, the guitar still ruled in rock and pop, but now it’s in eclipse. These 14 albums reveal how guitar music is reinventing itself in the new millennium.

Moldy Gold

Within ten years, dead musicians will generate more revenues than live ones. Not only is this creepy—it does a real disservice to living musicians who need an audience.


The music is hot again, but it’s happening outside of the traditional jazz economy and some jazz musicians are scornful when they should be jumping for joy.


Twitter desperately needs an overhaul, lest it become the next MySpace and Friendster. It could start by becoming friendlier to artists, musicians, and writers.