Tessa Miller is the former technology & health editor at The Daily Beast. She also previously worked at Lifehacker and Wired Magazine.


Morgan Bogle and Scott MacDonough say their dog, Sugar, was traded by their dog walker for drugs. Fearing that Sugar might’ve been sold into a dogfighting ring, they’re doing everything they can to get her back.

Unhung Heroes

With no rulers or full frontal nudity, the men in the Smallest Penis Pageant seemed normal-sized. Then a guy named Raj flashed not what was in his pants, but what was in his heart.


Suggesting the Duchess of Cambridge should have worn a slip to avoid pictures of her naked bum ending up on the Internet pushes feminism back decades. She’ll wear what she wants, thank you.


Tuberculosis was once a death sentence. Doctors could do little to treat it, and almost nothing was known of its spread. Two physicians—Robert Koch and Arthur Conan Doyle—changed that.

Hey Baby

Nearly 90 percent of American women say they’ve been sexually harassed on the street or in a public space. Street harassment is a real problem, and until now, there have been few resources to fight it.