Will Doig is a journalist covering urban development. He has been an editor at the Open Society Foundations, Next City, Salon, and The Daily Beast. He lives in New York City. High-Speed Empire is his first book.

Danger in the Kitchen

Exorbitant rents, the rise of Brooklyn, lazy millennials. NYC is having its worst year in restaurant closures, and only one thing is certain: its epicurean reign is in trouble.


At their convention, Girls Scouts USA is facing a split between traditional and modern—should its young members be campfire-building, or debating female body image?

Data Driven

Christian Rudder knows who’s been bad or good, and he really knows who’s lying about who they are and what they want. And he has the numbers to prove it.


With virtually no dairy industry of their own making it, the Chinese have suddenly discovered the deliciousness of American cheese. The cheddar-y revolution has only just begun.