William Giraldi is author of the novels Busy Monsters and Hold the Dark, and is a contributing editor at The New Republic. His newest book is a memoir, The Hero's Body.


Every author welcomes praise, but what’s a writer to do when readers persist in comparing him to an another author he’s not even that crazy about?

In an age of inane Twitter commentary, “likes,” and instant publication, one of the few critics standing athwart our culture and writing serious criticism is James Wolcott. A salute to his new collection of essays by William Giraldi.

Terry Eagleton

William Giraldi on how critic Terry Eagleton escaped his Marxism long enough to write a book about reading that’s well worth reading.

Awfully Worded

Evil, senseless, silver linings—these are the words we tossed around last week. But William Giraldi asks: what do we really mean by them?

Last month when William Giraldi negatively reviewed a new novel, he found himself in the midst of a storm about the role of criticism today. Here, he explains what critics should be doing.