Bachmann to Pawlenty: ‘I Wish Him Well’

Michele Bachmann, the winner of Saturday's Ames Straw Poll, had nice words for fellow Minnesotan Tim Pawlenty—who dropped out of the 2012 presidential race Sunday—even though the two had heated exchanges during the Republican debate this past Thursday. "He brought a really important voice into this race, and I'm grateful that he was in," Bachmann said on ABC's This Week. Bachmann also claimed that she won the Iowa poll because Democrats, independents, and people who voted for President Barack Obama have shifted to support her. "People come up who say, 'Michele, I'm a Democrat, and I'm voting for you.'" She also claimed she has a record of creating jobs. "I'm a former federal tax lawyer. And my husband and I also started our own successful company. I get it with job creation," she said.