Background Checks

Background Checks ‘No’ Vote Cost Senators, Poll Shows (Interactive)

From Murkowski to Portman, see the senators whose polling is suffering after voting down background checks.

Getty, AP (2)

Some politicians are feeling the effects of their “no” vote on background checks earlier this month. New poll data from Public Policy Polling in three states highlights who is seeing the worst of it. Senior Alaska Sen. Lisa Murkowski’s overall approval fell 9 points, while junior Sen. Mark Begich lost 17 approval points among Democrats. Ohio Sen. Rob Portman has suffered a 9-point drop since October, and Nevada Sen. Dean Heller saw only a 3-point drop in his overall approval but lost an important 10 points among his key support of independent voters. While some aren’t up for reelection anytime soon, the new polls show how big an issue gun control has become.

For quick comparison, we’ve also charted in pink each state’s overall public support for background checks.

Source: Public Policy Polling